Suspense drama

Project Outline

Client A TV station
Quantity One 120-minute episode, one 90-minute episode
Work Content Spotting
Entry of Japanese text
Subtitle position adjustment
NAB format data delivery 
Production Time Frame About seven business days per show



“Reading Emotions”
This order required us to create Japanese CC (Closed Captioning) for a suspense drama. Given the purpose of CC, it was important to us to convey the emotions of the story to an audience unable to “hear” the emotions. How did we do it? We created subtitles that would convey the ambiance of the scenes. For example, we used notations in order to express the emotion of the performers. In regards to the story, we arranged the subtitles in a way that would allow the audience to easily follow the story by reading the subtitles alone. This is easier said that done when you have multiple people speaking at the same time. The most important thing in these scenes is the choice of dialogue. The priorities are emotion and story and those are our guides when we work with closed captioning.


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