Ensuring Chinese censorship regulations

Project Outline

Client A Content Company
Quantity 30 min show with 31 episodes
Work Content Government guideline compliance check
Broadcast forbidden term compliance check
Guideline content check
Production Time Frame Approximately 1 month



“A Censored Standard”
We were asked to verify the content of a Japanese variety show to ensure compliance with the Chinese censorship regulations. A government guideline for the content reviewing is available, yet its vague rating standard has irregularities concerning word definitions. To many, this would be a mind-boggling endeavor. However, we have dealt with such challenges since our early beginning, and together with our local office in China it was part of everyday work.     

On top of it, through our long-time experience, we made this process efficient by creating our own guideline that complements the government conditions and ensures easy-to-understand translations that follow the strict and complex government conditions.


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